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How many labels do you need?

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How Many Labels Do You Need?

This will be the total quantity of labels that will complete your order, including all variations of the exact same size (example: 2000 of Copy A + 1500 of Copy B = 3500 Total). If you are quoting multiple sizes of labels, each size will need to be on its own quote. (TIP: Be sure to compare the pricing for larger quantities than you think you might need. You might find that by adding a few more labels to your order you can lower the price-per-label significantly.)

How many unique designs?

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How many unique designs?

If you have multiple versions of your label design (example: Labels that have different text, images, or numbering, but are the same size, stock, and laminate) you can include them on the same quote.

What shape are your labels?

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Choose wisely...

If you've already started with Rectangle, Square, or Circle, nicely done. But, don't think you're limited to the basics. With over 2,000 cutting dies in stock, we have some unique options ready to go, and we can always special-order exactly the shape and size you are looking for. Just click the "Custom" option and we'll add the one-time charge for the cutting die right into your quote. (Dies are reusable on future orders.)

Still not sure what you need? Don't worry - your customer service representative can work with you to get exactly what you need.


What size are your labels?

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The Right Fit Makes All The Difference...

Measuring a label is a little different from standard H x W measurements. Labels are measured as "across by around" - so if a label is two inches tall and wraps around a container by four inches, the label size would be expressed as 2 x 4. A good rule of thumb is to enter the smaller number in the first field.

Learn more about measuring a container for proper label sizing


How many colors are your labels?

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A Splash Of Color...

4-color CMYK process is the standard choice for digital printing and the basis for flexographic printing. If your material is foil or clear, you will also need to add white to the mix (becoming a 5-color project), but if your material is already white, you don't need to count it as a color. Submitting your project in anything other than CMYK can cause delays in processing your order, so be sure to submit in the right format for fastest service.

View a quick video about the color systems we use

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What material would you like for your labels?

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There's More To It Than Just Adhesives and Liners

Material choice determines the proper adhesion, durability, and overall look of your labels. We have a wide variety of label stocks on-hand and ready to go for your label project, and when you are looking for something unique or application-specific, we can source the materials that fit the bill.

If you don't see the material you are looking for listed, contact one of our expert customer service representatives toll free at 1-800-475-2235 or email sales@consolidatedlabel.com, and they will find exactly what you need.


What kind of top coat would you like for your labels?

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Durable And Eye-Catching Coatings

Top-coats (laminates and varnishes) are the finishing touch. They not only protect your label design from damage with a thin layer of durable clear material or liquid that covers the ink, but you can also use laminates and varnishes to create unique looks in your design, too!

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